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Asp.NET HTML Template Engine

Quickshift for Microsoft SQL Server: Breakthrough Performance

Increase your SQL Server performance by 100% - 500% simply and easily with this product.

  • Optimizing queries.
  • Tuning performance.
  • Rewriting applications.
  • Running jobs overnight.
  • Babysitting misbehaving batch processes.

Squishy Forums for ASP.NET written in c#
SquishyFORUMS is written in C# using Microsoft's new .NET framework. It is a completely object oriented class library (API), which can be used from ANY type of application (web application, web service, console application, or even a windows application), for any type of 3-level application you can think of. It supports Bulletin Boards, eZines, Weblogs, and any sort of application where you need a set of top-level data controlled by administrators, a middle level of data controlled by registered users (in a bulletin board or eZine, this would be by site admins only, whereas in a bulletin board it would be any registered user), and a bottom level of messages entered by registered users.

squishyFORUMS is built with an extensible architecture, meaning that every major event that happens throughout normal use of the APIs generates a number of events. This means you can attach to events and perform custom handling when these events happen. There is also a built-in VBA-like interface for you to write compiled code and have squishyFORUMS automatically execute your code when these events happen. This allows you to customize many parts of your application, so you can tailor it to your own needs, without major code changes or complex data manipulation.

squishyFORUMS contains a built-in template processing interface. Using the power of SFSLT (squishyFORUMS Stylesheet Language for Transformations), you can create static versions of your data, XML news feeds, or any other text-based view of your data. SFSLT is XSLT-like, in that you can dynamically create output nodes, variable setting and retrieving, and even use if statements, all in the template itself. Combine that with a number of contextual and looping tags specific to SFSLT, and you can publish every part of your forums! Or combine it with the built-in FTP support, and you can FTP static HTML pages from one server to another.

SQL Server -Error 15023 : User 'XXXX' already exists in the current database.

After doing a restore from a SQL Server backup, the users login rights are removed from the database yet the user itself still remains in the roles of the database. This means that when you try and add the user again you get the error "Error 15023: User "XXXX" already exists in current database" and the addition fails. (where XXX is the user you wish to add)

The quickest way to get this working is using query analyser and running the following command when working on the actual database.

EXEC sp_dropuser 'XXXX'

This will drop the user from the database and you can then re-add the user through the GUI or through a SQL query!

I received an email “11 May 2006” saying that I stole this post from  which it looks like I did. I do apologise for this as I normally give credit where it is due.

I probably wanted it for my own use and sometimes I post to this blog so I know where to return to, and since it was so so small I probably did not refer any one reading it to Hugh's blog since it was the full article.

So I apologise to Hugh Mc Gauran!

New Project - Free Online Wine Cellar

I have decided to create a new project for myself.

This project will be a free online wine cellar with forums and info on wineries, wines, and of course the ability to store your wine lists online.

The web application will be a c# web application that is to be custom written in using the .Net Framework V2.0

There may be a seperate windows application (if I get time) so that you can maintain your Wine Cellar off line and then syncromize with the online version.

Some features that the online cellar should support.

  • Intelligent addition of new records.
  • Charts and graphs of your wine, aging potential, and when to drink.
  • Custom rooms or bins or layouts
  • Forums
  • Rating of wineries
  • Simple Interface
  • Google Ads to help fund the project.

Who is Chris Crowe


Welcome to my Blog. I use to own a web site called which was a great resource for Internet Information Server or IIS for short.  I wrote a lot of articles and tips and tricks relating to IIS and products that were available for IIS. When I sold the web site I stopped helping people which was good for a while since it gave me time to think about myself instead of others.

I have now decided to get back into helping the community - can't think about my self all of the time!

I am an IIS MVP - what is an IIS MVP? A Internet Information Server - Most Valuable Professional as Microsoft puts it. Basically this means Microsoft has noticed that I like to help people and as such they rewarded me with the MVP title a number of times. 

For more details on the Microsoft MVP program see -

I hope to write about things that will be usefull to everyone who deals with IIS and WSS (Windows Sharepoint Services) and Front Page and anything else that takes my fancy.

I have attained the following Microsoft Certifications over the years:

  • Microsoft Certified Professional
  • Microsoft Certified Professional + Internet
  • Microsoft Certified System Engineer
  • Microsoft Certified System Administrator
  • Microosft Certified Database Administrator

I have passed the following Microsoft MCP exams: 

70-059   Internetworking with Microsoft® TCP/IP on Microsoft® Windows NT 4.0   Dec 15, 1998
70-087   Implementing and Supporting Microsoft® Internet Information Server 4.0   Oct 27, 1999
70-088   Implementing and Supporting Microsoft® Proxy Server 2.0   Jan 31, 2000
70-058   Networking Essentials   Dec 06, 2000
70-067   Implementing and Supporting NT Server 4.0   Dec 20, 2000
70-073   Implementing and Supporting NT 4.0 Workstation   Jan 10, 2001
70-068   Implementing and Supporting NT Server 4.0 in the Enterprise   Jan 31, 2001
70-028   Administering Microsoft® SQL Server 7.0   Jul 09, 2001
70-210   Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Professional   Nov 19, 2001
70-215   Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Server   Dec 17, 2001
70-217   Implementing and Administering a Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Directory Services Infrastructure   Jan 28, 2002
70-218   Managing a Microsoft Windows 2000 Network Environment   Jul 22, 2002
70-229   Designing and Implementing Databases with Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 Enterprise Edition   Nov 01, 2002
I work for Trimble Navigation in Christchurch, New Zealand as a Database Administrator. The company is considered one of the larger employers of application programmers in the region.

We currently have around 190 employees with most being developers, testers, and general technical people.

I work with the following products in my day to day work:

  • HTML, VB, VBScript, ASP, .NET Framework using c# for ASP.NET, XML and PHP
  • Microsoft Windows Sharepoint Services
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000
  • Microsoft Office - All Versions
  • Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000 and XP, 2003
  • Remedy CRM
  • Xerox Docushare

As part of my role I also work on our internal help desk two half days per week; this spreads the load and everyone in the IS department does this.

I find that this allows me to keep up to date on current trends and of course in the problems that users are having.