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IIS / Tools / ISAPI Filters

ISAPI Filter - LeechBlocker by Michael R. Brumm

LeechBlocker is an open source ISAPI Filter for Microsoft's Internet Information Services

The filter intercepts all incoming requests and checks to see if the resource (an image for example) is being referred to by the same site by which it is being hosted. If the referrer is not the same as the site name, the filter checks to see if the extension of the resource requested is an image (.gif, .jpg, .jpeg, etc...). If the extension indicates that the resource is an image, then the request is denied.

You can download the DLL and/or the full source code in C++ for the ISAPI filter

URL Rewriting and Alternative Authentication Methods
  • Mod_Rewrite - URL Rewrite
    Opensource and FREE for private and commercial use
    Powered by regular expressions Mod Rewrite adds a flexible URL rewriting engine to your IIS.

    With Mod Rewrite you can:
    • Convert dynamic URLs to static.
    • Make your site's URLs user and search engine friendly 
    • And much more...

  • Mod Auth - IIS Authentication
    Opensource and FREE for private and commercial use

    Add the ability of authorization and authentication without using Windows accounts.
    Excelent for membership systems.

ISAPI Filter - [Freeware] IIS password

IIS password protection of files and folders has always been difficult. IISPassword brings the ease and power of Apache’s htaccess to Microsoft IIS. No longer is there a need for system user accounts and complex access permissions for maintaining a secure, password protected web site.

IISPassword uses Basic HTTP Authentication for password protecting web sites on IIS, just like htaccess works on Apache. That makes your password protected Apache web site compatible with IIS, and vice versa.

A powerful and intuitive interface makes it possible to password protect a web site in just moments. More advanced settings provide options such as user group management and protection of certain file types.

Main Features

  • Easy installation - IISPassword is installed with an easy setup program.
  • Easy administration - IISPassword integrates with IIS, creating a new tab in the management console. Protecting a web site is very easy. Select the site or folder to protect, then a username and a password. That’s all there is to it. The advanced mode enables user groups and protection of certain file types.
  • High performance - IISPassword has been tested in a live environment with heavy traffic, generating practically no extra CPU load on the web servers.
  • Compatibility with htaccess - IISPassword makes password protected Apache web sites compatible with IIS, and vice versa.
  • Command line administration - IISPassword can be administrated through a command line interface, allowing automatic administration based on scripts or applications.


  • ISAPI filter - IISPassword is an ISAPI filter. This makes IISPassword a secure application with low performance costs.
  • IIS Snap-In - IISPassword is seamlessly integrated into the IIS management console, making password protection an easy task.
  • Command line tool - IISPassword also provides a command line interface for scripts or applications. This makes it possible to migrate IISPassword into existing control panel systems.

IISPassword is free for private, educational and commercial use.

For more details see:

IIS - ISAPI Filter - [Commercial] Port 80 HttpZip

HTTP compression is a safe, powerful, and affordable way to speed up Web sites and applications from 2.5 to 50 times faster while reducing bandwidth costs.

httpZip is an IIS server module for ISAPI-based compression on IIS 4, 5, and 6.0 Web servers. The software compresses static and dynamic Web content using encoding algorithms supported by all modern browsers, with flawless decompression secured by real-time browser compatibility checking.

Detailed httpZip reporting shows your files reduced to as little as 2% of their original size! httpZip takes compression even farther with optional HTML and CSS code optimization to improve performance and combat hackers' source sifting. With httpZip's built-in caching feature, static and dynamic files can be accessed in pre-compressed format to minimize recompression processing. The result is faster, more efficient page loads, happier users, reduced transmission costs, and Web servers that can handle more volume!

Current cost for a Single Serfver (unlimited domains) as of August 2005 is $350 USD

You can also perform a live check on your site to determine what % compression you may get from their web site. The comparision below was done on my blog in August 2005 and can show the potential that compression can have on your pages.

File Size Comparison (in bytes):
Original size: 61559 bytes
Size if compressed: 14920 bytes
Possible savings in bytes: 46639 bytes
Percentage saved by compression: 76.0%
Transfer speed improvement: 4.1 X

For more details see -

IIS - ISAPI Filter - [Commerial] IISxpress Compression 1.1
IISxpress is a powerful and highly configurable compression plug-in for IIS, the industry standard web server for the Windows platform. IISxpress will significantly reduce the bandwidth requirements of your web site, reducing your costs and giving your users the best web browsing experience possible.

IISxpress is ideally suited for deployment on Internet facing web servers, corporate intranet web servers in a WAN/LAN environment and for home users running a web site on an low bandwidth connection (ADSL or cable)

  • Control your compression settings by file type, content type, URI (virtual directory) and IP address.
  • View in real-time your server's performance; monitor CPU usage, memory usage and compression effectiveness.
  • Compatible with all major browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox, Opera and Safari.

Cost as of August 2005 was $50 USD

For more details see -

IIS - ISAPI Filter - [Freeware] ISAPI Rewrite Filter

Apache has mod_rewrite, which allows URL rewriting. A URL like http://foo/bar/bam can be translated into http://foo/baz/bam.jsp or http://foo/baz/bam.php or ... anything!

ASP.NET has a URL mapping mechanism, but it works only for filetypes that are handled by ASP.NET: aspx, ascx, asmx, and so on. For static files or non-ASP.NET files, (xml, gif, jpg, css), the ASP.NET mapping won't work cleanly.

IIS, like Apache's HTTP server, has an extension mechanism: it is called the ISAPI filter. There are commercial ISAPI filters that endow IIS with the ability to re-write URLs. This is my own, small, URL rewriting ISAPI filter.

  • It is implemented in C
  • Not implemented with MFC
  • compiles with VS2003 or with the (free) MS VC++ 2003 toolkit.
  • Rewrite rules are specified using regular expressions (provided by the PCRE library).
  • open source, BSD-style license
  • works with IIS5 (not tested with IIS6)

For more details see -

IIS - ISAPI Filter - [Commerical] - Ionic's ISAPI Rewriting Filter 1.0.1
Apache has mod_rewrite; now IIS has a small, cheap (free) rewriting module:
Ionic's ISAPI Rewriting Filter (IIRF).
Specify rewrite rules using regular expressions.
An incoming URL like http://foo/bar/bam can be translated into http://foo/baz/bam.jsp or http://foo/baz/bam.php.
ASP.NET has a URL mapping mechanism, but it works only for filetypes that are handled by ASP.NET: aspx, ascx, asmx, and so on.
For static files or non-ASP.NET files, (XML, GIF, JPEG, CSS), the ASP.NET mapping won't work cleanly.
IIS, like Apache's HTTP server, has an extension mechanism: it is called the ISAPI filter.
There are commercial ISAPI filters that endow IIS with the ability to re-write URLs. This is a cheap and powerful alternative.
The comments insply free and cheap - they sort of don't normally go together so it is hard to know - no publisher site was found.

IIS - ISAPI Filter - [Commerical] OpUrl - ISAPI URL Rewrite

An ISAPI filter that provides powerful, integrated URL re-writing for IIS.

OpUrl has many benefits, including helping to ensure search engines crawl even the dynamic parts of your site.

Most search engine crawlers don't index dynamic pages, e.g. page.asp?item=1 so OpUrl allows you to use static URLs instead.

The functionality is very similar to Apache's mod_rewrite.

Pricing at August 2005 was £29

For more details see -

IIS - ISAPI Filters [Commercial] ISAPI ReWrite

ISAPI_Rewrite is a powerful URL manipulation engine based on regular expressions. It acts mostly like Apache's mod_Rewrite, but is designed specifically for Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS). ISAPI_Rewrite is an ISAPI filter written in pure C/C++ so it is extremely fast. ISAPI_Rewrite gives you the freedom to go beyond the standard URL schemes and develop your own scheme.

What you can do with ISAPI_Rewrite:

  • Optimize your dynamic content like forums or e-stores to be indexed by a popular search engines.
  • Block hot linking of your data files by other sites.
  • Develop a custom authorization scheme and manage access to the static files using custom scripts and database.
  • Proxy content of one site into directory on another site.
  • Make your Intranet servers to be accessible from the Internet by using only one Internet server with a very flexible permissions and security options.
  • Create dynamic host-header based sites using a single physical site.
  • Create virtual directory structure of the site hiding physical files and extensions. This also helps moving from one technology to another.
  • Return a browser-dependent content even for static files.

And many other problems could be solved with the power of the regular expression engine built into the ISAPI_Rewrite.

ISAPI_Rewrite Full

This is complete version of ISAPI_Rewrite; pricing is $69 USD for a single web server, or $49 USD for ISA server.

It has the following features:

  • Regular expressions-based URL rewriting engine.
  • Support for global per-server configuration file
  • Support for per-virtual-site configuration files
  • In-memory configurations cache
  • Automatic deletion of rarely-used configurations from memory
  • Monitoring of configuration files and metabase changes and dynamic configuration reload

ISAPI_Rewrite Full is distributed as try-before-you-buy. You can download a 30-day trial copy for free.

ISAPI_Rewrite Lite

This is simplified edition of ISAPI_Rewrite. It does not support per-virtual-site configurations, proxiing, metabase monitoring and automatic cache cleanup but all other features are supported. ISAPI_Rewrite Lite is completely FREE! It may be an ideal solution for the server hosting the only site, development or testing purposes.

For more details see -

IIS - ISAPI Filters - [Commercial] IIS Rewrite

IISRewrite is a rule-based rewriting engine that allows a webmaster to manipulate URLs on the fly in IIS.

URLs are rewritten before IIS has handed over the request to be processed, so requests for HTML files, graphics, program files, and even entire directory structures can be rewritten before they are passed to ASP scripts for processing.

IISRewrite was written to solve some practical problems that are nearly impossible to solve with IIS and ASP. It solves the compatibility issues when doing dynamic downloads with ASP, it allows portions of dynamic sites to be indexed by search engines as if they were static HTML files, and can provide a way to customize web sites based on the client's browser type without the use of Javascript.

IISRewrite version 1.2: $199.00 per server although they are saying you can buy for $99 as of August 2005

For more details see -


IIS - ISAPI Filter - [Freeware] URL Replacer

The ISAPI filter rewrites/replaces defined parts of URL from browser. It enables url to scripts (.asp, .cgi, .idc) with parameters that look like static html pages or specify exact download filename generated by script.

You can also create a simple proxy server with IIS and any script engine (.asp,. aspx, …) using URL replacer

You can configure the filter by http.

For more details see -

IIS - ISAPI Filters [Freeware/Shareware] Enhanced Log for Microsoft IIS

Replaces the standard IIS error message (HTTP/1.0 404 Not Found, HTTP/1.0 401 Access denied, etc.) by custom HTML or HTTP message

The custom message can be defined for whole web site, or for any file or directory of the web. The message can contains redirection to the another site too.

You are free to use and distribute EnhancedLog. EnhancedLog signs every custom error message by refrerence to the PSTRUH Software home page. You are not allowed to change the sign in free version of EnhacedLog. You must register to remove the sign.

For more details see -

IIS - ISAPI Filers [Commerical] HttpLog ISAPI Filter

The ISAPI filter enables http raw data logging. Lets you log http header and document data to separate files, monitor IIS service output and check other filters (asp/cgi pages, ISAPI applications) functionality.

This product has not been updated since 2000 but may still have use for administrators.

For more details see -

IIS - ISAPI Filters - [Freeware] IISStatus

IISStatus links into the web server as an ISAPI filter to record each request, including ASP pages, as it is received and processed by the server.

Use this tool to monitor exactly what your ASP pages are doing and reduce time spent debugging. IISStatus is a Freeware product at this time. In future, we will be releasing enchanced versions of IISStatus although these releases may not be freeware (still freeware after 3 years)

For more details see -

IIS - ISAPI Filters - [Free & Commerial] ~Home ISAPI Filter


~Home is an ISAPI filter dll that will map a URL request that specifies a ~username to the user's home directory. The home directory is defined in the User Manager.

The home directory can be anywhere:

  • On the same drive as your web root
  • On a different drive from your web root
  • On a different computer from your webroot

For example let's say that your web root is c:\webroot\ and there is a user named "Joel" who has his home directory in e:\homedir\joelhome\ and he has a home page called home.htm in his home directory. You could access his homepage (assuming permissions have been correctly applied) with:

There are two versions of this control available:

The advanced version supports the following additional settings and more:

  • The user's home directory
  • The user's profile directory
  • The user's logon script directory
  • A directory specified by the administrator
  • A directory based on the userid

For more details see -

IIS - ISAPI Filter - [Commerical] User Directories for IIS

User Directories for IIS is an IIS ISAPI Filter DLL that web enables your Windows user accounts. This functionality has long been available on UNIX platforms and now it is available for the IIS web server.

A home directory is accessed using a URL similar to this:


Note the '~' operator denotes a reference to a user account.

For more details see -

Running multiple websites on Windows XP Professional

On Windows XP Professional you can only have one web site, the UI will not let you create more than one, but you can actually create more by working with the IIS Metabase.

You can only have one of these web sites active at a time and there are other limitations when using Windows XP such as:

Windows XP Professional Windows 2000 and 2003 Server
10 Simultaneous Connections Unlimited number of connections
1 Virtual Web Site Unlimited number of Virtual Web Sites
Does not support Host Headers (See below for a solution) Full support for Host Headers (WWW Service)
Does not support ODBC logging Full support for ODBC logging
Does not support IP and DNS Restrictions Full support for IP and DNS Restrictions


IIS Admin is a small free tool that will allow you to have multiple web sites under Windows XP Professional and simply select which site is the active site. The same limitation of one web site being active is still enforced by IIS but you do get a nice simple way of selecting which site is active.

The utility runs from the System Tray and you add new sites from the simple UI as well.

For more details see -

For those time when you really need multiple sites on a non Server product checkout MultiSite Filter Version 2

On Windows 2000 and XP Professional this ISAPI filter will allow you to run multiple sites by  interrogating the host header of the incoming http request and on the outcome of that redirects the request to the relevant place in the filesystem.

For more details see -